Soft seating furniture. How to create a welcoming space in the office?

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In the world of modern offices, where comfort and aesthetics go hand in hand with functionality, soft seating furniture is becoming a standard item of equipment. These are unique pieces that combine the softness and comfort typical of home sofas with the practicality and durability of office furniture. Solutions with interesting design and exceptional ergonomics are increasingly common. The boundaries between home and office are becoming more and more fluid, particularly in hybrid work mode, with upholstered furniture introducing home office design to organisations. But are soft armchairs and sofas popular only because of their looks and comfort? Are there other, more complex factors behind this trend? In this article, we discuss soft seating furniture in detail and the reasons for the growth of this phenomenon in offices around the world. Read on to learn more.

Soft seating in the office – relax, rest, talk

The term ‘soft seating’ is used in the furniture industry to describe a broad category of soft furnishings that are available in a variety of colours to best match the office décor and brand colours. Such furniture is often upholstered and comes with soft, comfortable seats and backs for an ergonomic sitting position. This category includes sofas, armchairs, pouffes and modular seating. The manufacturers of contemporary office furniture offer both classic, minimalist solutions and edgy attractive designs.

What our expert says

Office soft seating  blends features of both home and business furniture. Being as comfortable and cosy as our favourite living room sofas, on the one hand, they also have to be durable, where resistance to wear and tear and easy maintenance prove crucial for intensive use by many employees in open-plan spaces. With upholstered chairs, sofas or pouffes, offices become places where people can feel at home. This immediately improves their satisfaction, well-being and work efficiency. With a wide range of styles, shapes and colours available, you can employ soft seating in unique arrangements that will reflect the individual style and character of your office space

– remarks Eliza Donek, Product Manager at Mikomax.

Benefits of soft seating furniture in the office

  • Most importantly, soft seating promotes a friendly, more informal, homey atmosphere in the office. This can help to increase trust and openness among employees and promote greater collaboration.
  • Colourful upholstered furniture allows you to create unique arrangements that reflect the character of your organisation.
  • Contemporary, smart and functional sofas, couches and armchairs can significantly improve the image of a business, which will show new people, clients and candidates that it cares about the well-being of its employees.
  • The availability of different styles and colours helps to match the furniture with any interior, from traditional-looking offices to those with a more contemporary and creative design.
  • Staff health also plays a key role here. Well-designed soft seating furniture can improve posture, reduce muscle tension and stress, giving a boost to the overall well-being and health of the team.
  • Upholstered furniture absorbs sound, so placing it in an open-plan office will help reduce noise levels.
Soft seating furniture. How to create a welcoming space in the office?
Intriguingly shaped armchairs and sofas like Mikomax Packman add character to offices

Soft armchairs and sofas – your right to feel relaxed while working

Today, the open-plan space no longer resembles noisy spaces with rows of desks lined up next to each other. Contemporary office layouts divide space into individual and collaborative work zones, as well as spots where employees can take a break in between their duties when working for many hours. The fast pace of work, tight deadlines for project delivery or challenging meetings with complaining customers may put too much strain on a person. Employees who spend most of their time at a desk can experience fatigue and stress, which adversely affects their efficiency and well-being.

To remedy these issues, one needs to relax and have informal meetings in suitable areas like break rooms, lounge spaces or coffee areas. Creating the right atmosphere for these spaces and ensuring comfort through the use of multifunctional soft seating is key. They will allow employees the freedom to choose where to work, relax or meet, according to their individual needs and preferences.

In addition to traditional furniture such as sofas and armchairs, many managers choose novel ideas like hammocks, swings, pouffes or other unusual seating facilities. One of the latest trends in office space design is biophilic design which integrates nature into the workplace through the use of plants. Our free-standing tree-shaped partitions fit in perfectly with this approach.

Soft seating furniture for hybrid offices

The use of soft seating furniture goes beyond  workplace chillout zones. In the new reality of remote office work done by many, the social role of the office space is gaining significance. Business offices are becoming meeting places for staff to share their ideas, solve project setbacks, talk to teammates and change work environments for a moment. That’s why it is therefore very important that the office space is not just a fashionably decorated open-plan space with modern and ergonomic furniture such as the adjustable Stand Up R desks, but also an environment conducive to communication, informal meetings and the exchange of ideas.

Arranging offices with soft seating furniture offers many possibilities, as it can be used in various configurations. Bucket chairs will work well as chairs for a conference table. They will add a slightly less formal atmosphere to the room. Seats with deeper seating are versatile enough to be placed in communal spaces and separated by mobile acoustic partitions. This will create space for short work breaks, conversation or a moment of relaxation.

What our expert says

Designer models will look great in the reception area – a space for any business to impress. Low sofas and armchairs, plus a side table to put your laptop or coffee on, lend a less formal atmosphere to meetings with a superior, client or team member. In this way, soft seating furniture transforms the office into a welcoming, friendly and functional space whose benefits not only include relaxation, but also effective work and communication

– concludes Eliza Donek, Product Manager at Mikomax.


Soft seating furniture. How to create a welcoming space in the office?

Choosing the right soft seating furniture

Selecting the right soft seating furniture for the office is an art that requires not only an aesthetic sense, but also a deep understanding of functionality and ergonomics. Often in soft upholstery and given a relaxed form, these informal, comfortable solutions are a key feature of spaces that encourage creativity, collaboration and relaxation.

Designer Packman armchairs and sofas – in the reception, office and chillout areas

Office design has a major impact on employee comfort and efficiency. With their high backs, our designer Packman armchairs and sofas are not only about comfort, but they provide privacy and acoustic protection during a moment of relaxation as well. They are an avant-garde, functional supplement to an office, reception area or rest area. The collection includes various pieces such as high armchairs and sofas and low armchairs and sofas. With their original shape, which is reminiscent of a famous game, they bring a little liveliness and put a smile on the faces of employees and visitors. Made from the highest quality materials, they not only stand out with their unique design, but also provide maximum comfort.

Soft seating furniture. How to create a welcoming space in the office?
Portable contract furniture like Mikomax Ligo transform workspace into lifespace

Modular furniture – arrange it as you need it

In the modern office, where creativity and functionality go hand in hand, modular furniture will allow you to adapt the space to suit whatever tasks you need to address. With Ligo modular cubicle systems, you will create a relaxation space tailored to your individual needs and office dimensions. It’s a versatile set that you can turn in an instant into a high work table, an lectern, a seat or even a bench. Thanks to its modularity, it will be ideal for conference rooms, chillout rooms, meeting rooms, as well as any other venue that requires flexibility and adaptation to the diverse requirements of the team. The colourful block-like cubes can easily be used as tables, sofas or various types of comfortable loungers, which allow you to take a break from work, take a nap or just sit back and chat.

Transform your office into a more comfortable, efficient and aesthetically appealing space!
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