Smart Office is an approach that changes the world of work for the better. Inspire. Design. Implement.


1. We initiate and support the process of searching for the right approach to a new office.

Which goal has to be achieved by changing the office? Do all team members understand, in the same way, the challenge which the company is facing? Does everybody have enough knowledge about new interior design options and ways working?

The first step is to understand what challenges face the organization and align this knowledge on the customer side. During this stage, we share the latest knowledge about working methods and interior design. We try to inspire, open and prepare the organization for the upcoming changes. We show case-studies on how other companies coped with their challenges.

2. First, we analyze. Then we prepare the interior design and offer a range of services.

Do you know how teams are currently working? Do you know how you want to work in the future? Do you plan any structural changes e.g. implementing new technical infrastructure?

The next step is an in-depth analysis of the client’s business context and gathering knowledge about various ways of teamwork inside the organization. During this stage, we involve employees in sharing their good practices, and preferences related to their working habbitns. In addition, we can conduct a qualitative analysis. By collecting complex data we can verify our preliminary assumptions. Based on the collected data, we prepare an interior arrangement proposal, and a range of services that allows to implement your project efficiently and effectively.

3. We care about efficient implementation and follow up.

Why does a new workplace look like that? What has changed and how can I use it? How my workplace had changed? Later, will anyone check if we had made a good decision?

It is important to introduce for employees a new office and new solutions which affect the working habits. Each new element requires explanation and presentation on how to use it. Adjusting the ergonomic office chair or the height of a sit-stand desk may seem obvious but for most people, it is not. It is important that employees understand “why” it is worth changing their way of working – how it will affect their comfort, well-being, and satisfaction. Those factors affect their work. We stay close with our clients and regularly check the condition of their offices – that is, adjusting to the next challenges faced by companies or inevitable technological changes.


The working environment changes with the needs of employees We study this phenomenon and constantly look for new solutions.

We participate in research as a partner responsible for content, co-preparing industry reports and educating employees. Our company is an ambassador of smart changes that positively influence employees. We are looking for new solutions for the most demanding customers.

Thanks to our close market monitoring and ongoing research,

we implement solutions that make sense and change the working environment for the better.

2014 year

Stand Up

Your desk is 100% ergonomic

Our manually adjustable desk helps fight back pain resulting from prolonged static work while sitting. Everyone can change the working position in 2 seconds, regardless of having access to the power source. Thanks to this, we have observed that users change their positions more often and more willingly.

Image for:<p><strong>Stand</strong> Up</p>
Image for:<p><strong>Stand</strong> Up</p>
2015 year


Telephone booth for the office

HushPhone is the answer to a lack of space for phone calls in the office. Thanks to hushPhone, you can have a conversation in comfortable conditions. In addition, it is a benefit to other employees, as the sound of talking does not leave the booth.

Image for:<p><strong>hush</strong>phone</p>
Image for:<p><strong>hush</strong>phone</p>
2016 year

Hush collection

A line of modular office solutions

Independent spaces designed for meetings or to concentrate on individual work is our answer to the problem of noise and a lack of privacy in offices. Advanced acoustic solutions effectively suppress the sound, providing Hush cabin users with an unprecedented feeling of freedom and privacy.

Image for:<p><strong>Hush </strong>collection</p>
Image for:<p><strong>Hush </strong>collection</p>

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Solving new problems is a job that makes sense

We never stop developing and solving problems for our clients. We promise to surprise you with another patented solution in the near future.

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