A workplace that keeps up with your needs, because such a space makes sense.

A workplace that keeps
up with your needs

because such a space makes sense.

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We know that risk management when moving or renovating an office is challenging. We can help you arrange the entire process, provide the care of a Project Manager, deliver proven solutions and educate your team in the basics of ergonomics. Thanks to the smart approach to the whole project, you need not worry.



Satisfied employees are the fuel for every business. Providing them with the right conditions brings good results. We know that the style of work and the way we measure efficiency are changing. Together, we can create an ergonomic office tailored to the various needs of employees and their daily challenges.


We respect your work and ideas, which is why we provide solutions that will help you achieve them. We care about the quality of our products so that nothing interferes with the final result of the project. Our team has many years of experience and will help you match the technical parameters of finishes to the requirements and standards of even the most demanding customers.


We know that changing your workplace and breaking away from old habits can be a challenge. Remember that our goal is to make your daily work easier. When designing a new space, we never forget about your needs. Thanks to the ergonomic space, you can take care of your health when working 8 hours a day.

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Thanks to our close market monitoring and ongoing research,

we implement solutions that make sense and change the working environment for the better.

Kabina -

Contemporary workplaces adapt to the needs of people working in them, and employees more and more often express the need to use acoustic solutions that support their work requiring focus. Separation of areas for telephone calls and video-conferencing is becoming a key element of a friendly office open to the team’s needs. The best solutions are those that provide comfort without the costly rearrangement of the entire office!

Kabina -

HushWork is a new approach to individual work. This solution allows you to create dedicated spaces for focused work. Advanced acoustic solutions provide users with high comfort and increase the feeling of privacy. This improves well-being and efficiency during the time spent on tasks. HushWork is an important space for the entire organisation, as it is not assigned to a specific person.

Kabina -

HushMeet is an additional, independent space for your office, where it will be possible to conduct meetings in comfortable conditions. Advanced acoustic solutions effectively isolate sound. In addition, the enclosed form provides a feeling of privacy. Thanks to this, all participants of meetings organised in HushMeet can feel at ease. It is a great alternative to design rooms and mini conference rooms. What’s more, you can always set it wherever you like!

Kabina - was designed for informal office meetings. It provides a separate space with perfect conditions for talks in a small team. Its semi-open form ensures accessibility, while the couches are exceptionally comfortable. supports creativity and openness to new ideas.

Kabina -

HushMeet.L is a real alternative to conventional conference rooms. Thanks to the modular form of hushMeet.L, you can choose the model that perfectly matches your office. You get a ready room that is ideal for longer or formal meetings without having to build or renovate anything.

Kabina -
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