What is it like to work at STAND UP R?

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STAND UP R is a modular, adjustable height benching workstation. It’s a gorgeous, functional desk. Manual; power-free. And it’s versatile — multiple, linked together, make a flexible solution that gives you both private and shared workspaces in one product. Check it out.

From a sea of individual workstations…

Isolated. Quiet. Focused.

To an ocean of collaboration… in the blink of an eye.

Open. Babbling. Catalytic.

What is it like to work at STAND UP R?

STAND UP R’s special appeal is its versatility.

STAND UP R is a delight to use. It’s a beautiful desk. Its minimal build finishes any hybrid working space without unnecessary weight or clutter. Its height adjustment is smooth. Just a pull of the lever on the desk’s underside and a gentle push either up or down until you hit the height that feels right

– lends Eliza Donek, Product Manager, Mikomax.

It’s a flexible benching solution that goes from sit to stand with stunning fluidity. Its quick, intuitive height adjustment allows you to change positions at ease, alternating between independent work and teamwork freely. It’s a desk for agile organizations, always poised for whatever’s next.

The desk gives you a pleasant degree of privacy.

Set at its lowest height, the sit-to-stand desk sweetly cocoons you.


What is it like to work at STAND UP R?

Want extra privacy? Space single STAND UP R desks apart by a tidge.

Even half a foot will give employees the wider, cozier personal bubble desired on open floors.

What is it like to work at STAND UP R?

And when you want to collaborate as a team, lift-off is easy at 1, 2, 3.

The desk satisfies because it caters to many needs, supporting concentrative work in one moment, cooperative work in the next

– says Eliza Donek, Product Manager, Mikomax.

STAND UP R is multi-talented. Raise or lower its work surface to transform it from a one-person desk to a multi-person project table. In just a wink, no less. In lifting a connected fleet of these desks at once, you and your team create a collaborative setup magically quick.

This swift transition is shown at 40 seconds in the following video. (Note that the desk demonstrated isn’t STAND UP R but STAND UP, a similar desk with a slightly different design, but the same functionality):


Sit. Stand. Perch. STAND UP R puts the flow in workflow.

Are you tuned into your body at work? Perhaps you concentrate most sharply while sitting; most boldly, standing. Whatever the case, when thinking gets rigid (or your legs get stiff), just elevate the desk to standing height, opening your brain beyond any cyclical thought patterns.

We think in a different way when we’re standing.

Some find themselves muttering through novel nuances of the problem they’re tackling, only while standing. Some get more artistic. Some shake out their legs and fancy better circulation. Some shift between their feet, staying active. Periodic standing is a healthy part of an 8-hour workday.

Movement fosters lively, spry thought.

Sedentariness leads to repetitive thinking. STAND UP R shakes up your creative process through movement. Stand for 20 minutes. Think on your feet (literally). Once your legs tire, perch on your wobble stool, tilting to support you in a semi-standing posture. However you like it.

Employees have plenty of opportunities for movement at a sit-stand desk.

Ergonomics is often an overlooked element of workplace wellness. Luckily, one of the most basic, most effective ways to improve ergonomics is to simply give people more opportunities for movement over the course of the day. STAND UP R helps by bringing movement to the desk, where we spend a large portion of our time

– says Eliza Donek, Product Manager, Mikomax.

Paired with a stool, you can intermittently rest your foot on your stool’s base for energizing micro-movements. It’s simple and natural. Movement heals. And STAND UP R is, in essence, a practical tool for movement.

What is it like to work at STAND UP R?

As it’s said, the next position is the best position.

At STAND UP R, the next position is always but seconds away! And getting there takes little effort. You’ll never be stuck in one posture or in one conceptual framework. Your thinking is ever-evolved by continual motion.

What is it like to work at STAND UP R?

A private workstation for concentration. A giant project table. STAND UP R is both.

Say you’re sitting at the desk in a traditional computer chair, focused intently on the details. The workstation’s build cocoons you slightly — its solid frame and acoustic felt act like a privacy screen. You’re in your zone, literally and figuratively.

Switching heights helps you switch cognitive gears.

There’s no speed bump, no friction to switching. As you get lost in the weeds, you lift the desk to a standing height setting and open your mind up wider. You invite a colleague over for peer review and look at the big picture together.

What is it like to work at STAND UP R?

Sit to stand. Deep thought to brainstorming. The transition is easy at STAND UP R.

Like piercing through the clouds to see your work with a bird’s eye view and the clarity of someone else’s two cents. What a relief. STAND UP R gives your cognition agility. It’s a sidekick. Remarkably elegant design. Nice to look at. Enjoyable to work at. All for the beautiful benefit of movement.

Sit & stand benching workstations – frequently asked questions

What is benching in office space?

Office benching is a flexible, space-efficient way to seat many employees on an open floor. In the case of a benching desk like STAND UP R, solutions can be modular — they can be implemented as individual workstations for private work or as a fleet of multiple workstations for collaborative work. Height adjustment is an excellent feature to seek out in a bench.

What is a benching workstation?

Benching workstations are modular work desks that can be linked together to save space. Take STAND UP R as a model, with elegant design and discreet, manual height adjustment. By pairing multiple of these desks together, you construct a versatile benching solution at which employees can either work independently (at sitting height) or collaboratively (should everyone lift their desk to standing height, fashioning a massive project table).

What are STAND UP R’s customization options?

You can purchase the manual sit-stand desk as a single desk or a modular, double unit of two conjoined back-to-back desks. Its side panels and finishes are also customizable.

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