National Chamber of Commerce

National Chamber of Commerce is the largest independent business organization in Poland. Established in 1990. It represents the largest number of entrepreneurs, combining over 150 business organizations.

The main project requirement was providing our client multitasking space for teamwork in focus, conferences, training, and informal meetings

Adaptic Architekci

What have we done?

We have offered folding tables for conference rooms and common areas, which give the possibility to quickly rearrange the conference room into the training room. We also equipped the office with a range of acoustic solutions Hush, which created ideal places for “ad hoc” meetings and teamwork in focus. We equipped the workers’ zone with sit and stand desks. Stand up desks helps employees to create a perfectly tailored workstation to their needs. Additionally, ergonomic solutions help to take care of the spine and avoid back pain.

The biggest challenge we have faced while designing the reception area.  We used our AVE system to design the counter in the shape of the letter “L”, which also functions as a cloakroom. We have also implemented the LIGO system that allows effortless rearrangement of an auditorium. LIGO system is featured with high tables, where you can have an ad-hoc meeting. We have also designed a special installation for stools with a spectacular appearance. The proposed furniture systems have created an ergonomic, functional and aesthetically uniform whole. The colors and types of material used for the furniture have created an official space that is both light and user-friendly, which is very important for young entrepreneurs open to new things in the public space.

The following systems have been used for implementation:

Hush Meet
Stand Up R
Next realization:
Mikomax Smart Office

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