The SONIQ office divider gives you 3 foundational benefits

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Our SONIQ partition system is a triple threat. It future-proofs your workplace’s privacy. It improves wayfinding through color. And it creates a variety of soundscapes in the office.

Let’s take a closer look 🙂

Benefit #1. The SONIQ free standing office partition boosts workplace privacy.

One SONIQ mobile room divider is like one unit of privacy. The portable wall helps generate that comfortable sense of belonging we seek in life, especially at work. Because it’s a shield from distraction. A defender of focus. It’s an investment that pays dividends in peace and productivity

– says Eliza Donek, Product Manager, Mikomax.

Privacy is a feeling.

It’s hard to describe what privacy feels like. You just know when it’s just right because you feel at home in your space. Calm. Collected. You aren’t at the mercy of office noise or hubbub. You’re at ease. You focus totally on work without even much awareness of the world beyond it.

It’s a feeling that’s hard to quantify and very individual.

Privacy is tricky, as it’s ephemeral. Making SONIQ a great privacy solution, since the product is incredibly easy to adjust in constant pursuit of this ephemeral. First, you configure your custom partition system — its exact shape, size, dimensions, and colors. Then you tweak it freely in time, adding or removing panels, adapting your SONIQ creation to meet changing workplace privacy needs, fickle as they are

– explains Eliza Donek, Product Manager, Mikomax.

The SONIQ office divider gives you 3 foundational benefits

You can future-proof the office’s privacy with SONIQ.

Let’s take a few cases.

Collaborate without interruption…

Install three SONIQ panels linked together at either end of the project table. They’ll act as blinders blocking out clatter and activities on the floor. So your group work will get a nice privacy boost. And should you need a bigger boost at any point, you can add more panels to your installation.

The SONIQ office divider gives you 3 foundational benefits

“Break out” of conventional thinking without disturbing peers on the floor…

Sprinkle multiple SONIQ partitions in varying heights and colors around the breakout area. The partition system will envelop you, encouraging candid discussion and bright thinking. Should you need more chi from the floor one day, just remove a few panels, livening up the space.

Make team meetings more intimate…

Border the team meeting zone with three walls of SONIQ dividers to increase speech privacy. As a result, people will be more relaxed and more readily sharing personal hurdles and other sensitive topics. Enjoy moving your mobile walls around to deflect office bustle.

The SONIQ office divider gives you 3 foundational benefits

With SONIQ, you enjoy high workplace functionality, always assured that if needs change overnight, you can simply retool your space dividers to accommodate these needs. It’s a quick fix that’s in it for the long haul because when priorities change, so does SONIQ

– lends Eliza Donek, Product Manager, Mikomax.

Benefit #2. The SONIQ office divider screen improves wayfinding through color.

Color is a powerful thing! It affects our emotions. Our cognition. A touch of blue imparts inner calm, helping one think more deeply. A hint of red stimulates creativity, helping one think more boldly. Color can also improve office wayfinding.

The SONIQ office divider gives you 3 foundational benefits

So what do you picture? What colors does your team need?

Soothing muted tones sprinkled with a few bright blues? A series of exciting tints scattered throughout the space, energizing it? A monotone, pleasantly coherent backdrop?

SONIQ gives you 20 colors to pick from.

So when you customize your SONIQ partition system, you can harness the power of color, giving your team more subliminal support to perform at their best.

Colorful space dividers like SONIQ allow for artful space demarcation.

You can bring lovely variety to the office’s landscape through vivid space definition with SONIQ. Zone the office by tones — each zone its own hue/mood (green for R & R, orange for socialization, etc.). Then further differentiate zones by height/width of SONIQs employed.

Solid wayfinding makes the office more intuitive.

It’s immensely appreciated by divergent thinkers who get overwhelmed by chaotic spaces. So consider color-coding zones, too, helping people find their spot and zero in. You’ll make your workplace more accessible.

Benefit #3. The SONIQ acoustic divider screen enhances the office’s acoustics.

SONIQ is an efficient way to create multiple soundscapes within the office, catering to a range of employee preferences regarding sound

– says Eliza Donek, Product Manager, Mikomax.

Sound is like music — everyone has their own taste.

Some need library-like quiet to focus on their work. On the other hand, some prefer gentle commotion, finding that they get lost in the weeds without energy from the floor to enliven their thought processes.

Multiple soundscapes are ideal, as they accommodate different tastes.

And the SONIQ modular partition system offers one of the most efficient ways to fashion multiple soundscapes in the office since the product is so easy to reconfigure and relocate, thereby shaping the sound quality of each zone created.

The SONIQ office divider gives you 3 foundational benefits

By creating many soundscapes within the office, you give employees options.

Instinctively, people will go to the spot in the office that offers the right soundscape for their needs, enjoying a more natural focus.

There are three basic ways to influence your office’s sound using the SONIQ divider.

  1. Pop up a few solo SONIQ dividers throughout the office. Scattering multiple dividers like SONIQ around your space will provide light sound absorption for the entire floor, making it quieter.
  2. Create multi-partition mobile walls of SONIQ panels. Easily move the walls around the office space and/or rejigger them to lend topical sound absorption wherever it’s needed when it’s needed.
  3. Construct miniature cubicles. Think of them as mobile, modular hubs that partly contain noise in one area, preventing it from flooding the office.

As you can see, you’ve got options with SONIQ.

So what aspect appeals to you? The sound-dampening upholstery? The color selection? The flexible design? If you have a question, drop us a line.

Office partitions and office dividers – frequently asked questions

Which partition is best for the office?

The best partition for the office is the most flexible one. Look for a product with easy-to-use connectors that let you link individual partitions either side-by-side or at angles, creating the custom system that’s a perfect fit. Look for casters, too, so you get mobility. The SONIQ space divider and partition system is an excellent product offering both features.

How do you divide a large office space?

One of the easiest ways to divide a large office space is by partitioning it with a movable wall system like SONIQ. A system that’s modular and mobile will give you ultimate flexibility, making quick layout tweaks a regular, stress-free thing.

Which is the best material for office partitions?

Look for an office partition like SONIQ that meets the norm of soundproofing per PN-EN ISO 354: 2005.

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