STAND UP R is modular, adjustable height benching

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Flexible offices need flexible solutions like STAND UP R — a modern desk that goes sit-to-stand ever so gracefully. Link multiple together, enjoy shared, adjustable height office benching for group work. Ergonomic and energy-free, this versatile desk is the centerpiece of a productive open space.

STAND UP R is a benching workstation for active office spaces.

It promotes a healthy balance between sitting and standing. Its slick, smooth height adjustment encourages the sole antidote to back pain, body aches, and other stressors of sedentary desk work: movement. Changing heights to work at any posture is natural at the sit-stand desk.

We want to work actively. We don’t want to sit in the very same position for 8 hours. At STAND UP R, you can change the height of your desk in the blink of an eye, switching positions instinctively

– says Eliza Donek, Product Manager, Mikomax.

No more being slumped in the same posture for 8 hours a day, achy and uninspired.

STAND UP R is a movement desk. An asset for physical health — good posture, circulation. Intellectual health, too — creativity, happiness. After all, we’re designed to move! Our best work comes by thinking light and openly through motion, never heavy and closed in a rigid position.

STAND UP R is modular, adjustable height benching

Link multiple STAND UP Rs together; create a collaborative benching workstation.

Linked together, multiple STAND UP Rs make a sleek adjustable height bench desk. Employees will raise or lower their desks organically, shifting gears between independent work and teamwork. By setting all the desks to the same height, they construct a massive project table for collaboration.

Its patented height-adjustment system is cool and cleverly hidden.

STAND UP R’s sit-stand apparatus is brilliantly simple and undeniably satisfying.

The adjustment system was a great challenge for the desk’s design team. We wanted the final form to be minimal, open, and neutral. This allows the flow of light. It fosters communication. It frames individual workspaces while also allowing for a shared bench solution

– lends Eliza Donek, Product Manager, Mikomax.

STAND UP R is modular, adjustable height benching

A beautifully discreet height-adjustment system. That’s the genius of the benching sit-stand desk’s design; sit-to-stand and back again is not only seamless, but the mechanism making it so is practically hidden in plain sight. No clunky cross-braces or cumbersome cranks, no ugly power cords.

Winner of the reddot award best of the best 2017.

The most prestigious award internationally! The ultimate accolade.

Based on an innovative design idea, this office desk is perfectly suited to contemporary workplaces. Its work surface can be raised or lowered intuitively via a simple and self-explanatory mechanism for easy adjustment to the requirements of different work scenarios. The reduced design language and carefully crafted, high-quality finishes lend STAND UP R an appearance that is both modern and elegant

– said the reddot Jury.

STAND UP R is modular, adjustable height benching

How easy is STAND UP R’s height adjustment?

It’s a breeze. Light and steady. Changing the desk’s height doesn’t break your focus but builds it.

With STAND UP R, movement is merely part of your workflow, not an interruption of it.

You don’t have to unload your desktop or worry about items toppling over as you raise/lower the desk. Adjustment is finely fluid. When you’re ready to switch heights, you just pull the concealed, ready lever on the desk’s underside and cruise, releasing at the desired height.

The last 10 seconds of this video demonstrate STAND UP R’s terrifically subtle operation:


Sit-stand freedom with no unsightly or binding electrical cords.

Forget about outlets. Get total mobility. A sweet benefit of a manual, power-free sit to stand desk like STAND UP R is that you can relocate the desk where you want it in the office without having to factor in outlets.

Built-in cable management keeps STAND UP R’s desktop tidy and ready for work.

Nothing like a wide-open, clutter-free work surface. Built-in cable management keeps things neat. No doubt, the bench desk’s minimal design is its major appeal.

STAND UP R is modular, adjustable height benching

All the desktop space you’d need for productive, enjoyable working.

Its desktop is satisfyingly wide — roughly 5 feet. Awesomely large for employees who like to spread their notes out while thinking on paper. Or for those with a dual monitor set-up. Or those who need a little elbow room.

Accessorize it to your liking. (Or not.)

Some will use STAND UP R without any ergonomic accessories, preferring to stand without support, simply shifting their weight between feet to stay comfortable.

STAND UP R is modular, adjustable height benching

Pairs perfectly with mats, footbars, and other ergonomic tools.

Some will lay down an anti-fatigue mat and set up a footbar to take a load off their feet, resting one foot at a time on the bar, keeping their body moving as they work.

STAND UP R is modular, adjustable height benching

Photo of STAND   R

It’s a bench desk for every height, every person, every workflow.

Some will simply roll over their traditional computer chair, using the desk at the standard height while sitting.

Perfect for the active or fidgety worker.

Some will use STAND UP R with a wobble or active stool that fosters an engaged posture. Others yet may prefer a sit-stand chair that supports them in a comfortable perch and a variety of other postures on the sit-stand spectrum.

STAND UP R is modular, adjustable height benching

Lightweight look. Durable design.

Its upholstery is available in high-quality wool (and other fibers) in a variety of colors. Its solid oak frame is a sturdy base with an organic look and feel. We also offer other finishes for a more industrial aesthetic.

STAND UP R complements any office space, adding function while completing form. It’s a marvelously simple way to have both independent workstations and shared benching with one product. It’s two-for-one, versatile, adapting to flexible needs


– adds Eliza Donek, Product Manager, Mikomax.

To explore STAND UP R’s customization options, check out its product page here.

Sit stand benching – frequently asked questions

What is STAND UP R’s weight capacity?

When adjusting the desk, STAND UP R’s weight capacity is 15kg (about 33lbs). Its static load capacity is 100kg (roughly 220lbs).

How easy is it to adjust the height of STAND UP R?

Easy breezy! You simply pull the lever on the desk’s underside, guide the desk up or down, and release the lever once the desired height is met.

How do electric adjustable height desks compare to manual ones?

The common understanding is that electric adjustable height desks are better because adjusting them requires no effort. But in fact, in the case of desks like STAND UP R, manual ones can offer the same low-effort operation (without the unnecessary electricity use or unsightly power cords of electric desks). STAND UP R is a particularly sophisticated example of a manual sit-stand desk, as its patented height adjustment system is both practically effortless and practically hidden.

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