Divide and conquer with the SONIQ modular partition system

SONIQ delineates space without eliminating the open office’s open feel.

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SONIQ is a solid, freestanding space divider for agile teams who need flexible partitioning. It delineates space without eliminating the open office’s open feel. A big hit for its beautiful tinker-ability, with intuitive connectors that let you create any arrangement you can think of.

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SONIQ. An efficient approach to office zoning in a hybrid, changeable world.

With SONIQ on your floor, you’ll be able to fashion the next zone as soon as it’s needed. The space dividers are seriously easy to detach from one another and roll around the office. So opening a zone up to more energy from the floor is a mere matter of removing a few panels and/or moving them elsewhere.

Delimit space without limit. No bulk, cost, or worry of demo and reno.

The mobile partition offers two kinds of connectors: a parallel connector to link panels side-by-side and a 90° angle connector to build corners. So you can construct the very partition system you need, down to its exact shape and dimensions.

SONIQ is user-friendly. Just couple panels together, one by one, and create the modular partition wall system desired, whether that be a flexible desk partition, or paneling around the staff breakout area, or a makeshift cubicle workstation. When it’s time to adjust, decouple your SONIQs and rebuild. The product is never obsolete

– says Eliza Donek, Product Manager, Mikomax.

Divide and conquer with the SONIQ modular partition system

Improve office acoustics, panel by panel.

Panels like SONIQ improve acoustics through space division and sound absorption. The partition divides one vast space into multiple cozier sub-spaces, containing activity to mini pockets of bustle, while its fabric upholstery captures irritating office noise at the source

– says Eliza Donek, Product Manager, Mikomax.

The divider’s materials meet the norm of soundproofing per PN-EN ISO 354: 2005. So whether you set up just one of the freestanding dividers or a modular partition wall made of multiple SONIQ dividers, you’ll make the office sound better. As a result, the office will feel better, too.

Divide and conquer with the SONIQ modular partition system

SONIQ lets you fine-tune your workplace’s privacy by degrees.

Because it’s a product that’s effortlessly flexible.

Need more privacy at the collaboration hub?

Set up a SONIQ panel or two to shield the area from passersby.

Need to separate a workspace?

Enclose it with three walls of SONIQ panels, tweaking their position to satisfaction freely.

Want to muffle open benching?

Surround the zone with 3-4 SONIQ partition walls, rotating each wall to the best angle for easy maneuvering within the zone. The divider makes your workplace’s privacy fine-tunable.

It’s agile office solution for an agile work world.

Its casters and stable feet make modifying the office layout a regular thing — no heavy infrastructure, no tricky hinges, no funny business. Just expand your SONIQ office panel system or scale it back by adding and removing panels, adapting its shape and size to accommodate needs.

Your layout never feels rigid or bulky with SONIQ sub-dividing it, but fluid and light. The partition system maintains a sense of movement — a sense that the office is ready for whatever is next, that employees can move about, discovering their natural, most productive workflow

– offers Eliza Donek, Product Manager, Mikomax.

Divide and conquer with the SONIQ modular partition system

Call it a sure fix since flexibility never goes out of vogue.

While constructed walls limit you, weighing you down, SONIQ broadens what can be, giving the office sweet tweak-ability. It’s about options. The modular partition system gives you options. It makes the unexpected more workable, as you can always adjust without fuss.

Multiple fabrics. A medley of colors. SONIQ has style.

The modular office partition is available in many contemporary colors, letting you paint the symphony your team needs to work at peak.

Available in 5 widths and 4 heights, making for 20 total possibilities.

Have fun with it — get playful. Mix and match your SONIQ panels of different sizes and colors to build an attractive partition system, equal parts art and function. Striking to look at. Sonically sound. Nicely private. Adjustable forever.

Divide and conquer with the SONIQ modular partition system

Let SONIQ finish and beautify your open space office.

It divides. Enhances the office’s soundscape. Boosts privacy. And stylishly. Its colors give character — a finishing touch. Mixing and matching SONIQ panels of varied sizes and colors, thoughtfully linked, make for partitioning that’s as elegant as it is useful. So what are you waiting for? Learn more about SONIQ.

Partition walls for office – frequently asked questions

What kinds of connectors does the SONIQ system of mobile walls offer?

We offer two types of connectors with SONIQ: a parallel connector to link panels side-by-side and a 90° angle connector to create corners.

What fabrics is SONIQ’s upholstery available in?

Wool, haiti, or petrus.

Does SONIQ’s upholstery provide an acoustic benefit?

Yes! The divider’s upholstery meets the norm of soundproofing per PN-EN ISO 354: 2005.

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